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C. Sphere proposed the second epitaph for themselves: “Right here lays W

C. Sphere proposed the second epitaph for themselves: “Right here lays W

enervate* (Durante oer VAYT) vt. to help you sap away from fuel, life, energy, etc.; to deteriorate in some way, individually otherwise; so you can devitalize; so you’re able to -adj. weakened • A lengthy travel to be hired every morning is enough to enervate many people. • Many had been enervated by the sight of the slip of the Community Exchange Cardio in advance of getting angered so you’re able to strike right back. • A house team’s shedding move can be a keen enervating topic. [-d, enervating, enervation letter.] [Syn. unnerve, weaken]

enhance (when you look at the HAENS) vt. 1. and work out higher (in expense, worth, charm, an such like.); heighten; augment; 2. to evolve the standard otherwise condition away from; step 3. to help you digitally improve understanding of a photo, photographs, an such like. in the form of a pc • Planting colors woods often raises the property value a home. • A trip to the fresh spa improved Audrey’s appearance. • Digital photographs can often easily feel improved of the computers on your own photos processor’s restrict. [-d, boosting, -ment letter.] [Syn. intensify]

C. Sphere

enigmatic* (Durante ig Mat ik) adj. of or eg a puzzle; perplexing; baffling • Don’s phrase try enigmatic; we can not really believe just what he was thought. • How the monster snowball featured with the baseball community regarding middle from June is secretive. [-ally* adv.] [Syn. obscure]

appreciate (en Pleasure) vt. 1. to experience pleasure; take delight in; relish; 2. to get the benefit otherwise advantage of • Margo have experiencing a good Beethoven symphony. • Steven appreciated his song’s choosing a massive measure of broadcast and you may Tv airtime. [-ed, -ing]

illuminate (dentro de LY tin) vt. step one. so you can free from lack of knowledge, bias, or superstition; dos. to share with; express so you’re able to; teach • Many years of experience in the fresh new electorate got served to enlighten the newest senator concerning folly regarding favoring you to classification over another. • Excite illuminate myself as to what date you have got house history evening. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. inform]

Short Review #33 Fulfill the phrase out-of column 2 with the phrase of column step one meaning really almost the same

enmity (Dentro de mi tee) n. the newest sour anger or sense of an adversary, or out-of mutual opposition into the both; hostility; antagonism • The new Romans and also the Scots got great enmity on both. • Big enmity defined rival gangs out-of il during the Prohibition. [Syn. hostility, animosity, antagonism]

dress (with the SOM bil) letter. step one. all the bits pulled together; the total impact; 2. a whole outfit, specifically you to definitely that have matching articles out of outfits, particularly a match; 3. a small grouping of actors, dancers, etcetera., who carry out together with her; cuatro. a musical classification • The prosperity of the debating people doesn’t rest to your shoulders of just one associate but falls to the clothes. • That have a couple of pairs away from shorts, a few blouses, as well as 2 jackets, you are able to eight other ensembles. • This might be an effective theatrical clothes, without single star. • The fresh new sequence quartet is actually an incredibly gifted clothes. epidemiology (EP we Deem ee OL uh jee) letter. 1. the branch from treatments one to talks about the causes and you may command over epidemics; dos. the issue that mix result in or prevent a great problem for the a population; environment from a disease • The fresh new epidemiology of one’s episode of the Ebola virus for the Africa has been analyzed cautiously. • The new epidemiology out-of Western Nile trojan and its episode from the eastern Us is not as much as romantic analysis. [epidemiological adj., epidemiologist letter.]

epilogue (EP i Journal) n. 1. a closing point added to a manuscript, play, etc. providing a lot more comment, translation, otherwise information; dos. a primary speech or poem discover by the a star into listeners after a play • An epilogue would be to the termination of a story exactly what a beneficial prologue is always to the beginning. • Immediately after their opera Wear Giovanni ended with the lead character’s going in order to hell, Mozart believed obliged to include a keen epilogue that being said this new Don’s deviation left the world a more happy lay. • Douglas MacArthur’s “Dated Soldiers Never ever Perish” speech to help you Congress is generally looked at as epilogue to help you his career. epitaph (EP they AF) letter. step 1. conditions composed towards a tomb otherwise gravestone in recollections of person tucked there; dos. a primary part in prose otherwise verse, authored as an excellent tribute so you’re able to a-dead person, early in the day experience, etc. • W. I would personally alternatively be surviving in Philadelphia.” (This is simply not into their tombstone.) • When The second world war ended, its epitaph try splashed across the paper side profiles in every area. epitomize* (i Gap uh MYZ) vt. step one. to conclude the important points out-of a book, statement, experience, etcetera.; dos. showing the type of characteristics away from something • A great book declaration will be criticism along with epitomize this new facts of one’s publication. • Actor Michael datingranking.net/local-hookup/belleville Douglas epitomizes all services out-of their dad, Kirk. [-d, epitomizing] [Syn. summarize]

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